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South Africa to Tanzania Trip report - Aug 2008 - Andre Erasmus

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We are eventually starting to normalise our lives after completing the trip and then coming down with a suspected appendix (still acting up).

I really don't know where to start this report, there is so much to say, so I think I'll post it in a few messages with some photos.

On one hand I thought we were totally overprepared for deepest darkest Africa, but then we got to use most of the stuff taken, even the welder and the rivet gun. The generator was an absolute life saver with keeping the fridge & freezer going and charging all the batteries. Next time I'll take much less camping stuff.

OK ok to the trip. We covered 10 055km in 4 weeks, longest distances were on the last 2 days coming home from Inhassoro in Moz. I broke 2 hinges on the trailer by standing on the tailgate. Both jerrycan holders snapped their clasps. On 3 occasions we were forced to drive at night to get to the campsites. Fortunately we arrived safely and nobody threw a dead body in our way. We got a speeding fine in Tanzania for 20 000 shillings (anout R120) for doing 60 in a 50 zone. One customs official hinted very hard for a 'gift' after helping us crossing the border, a policeman asked for a coke at a checkpoint and another outright wanted a bribe in Mozambique. We got cheated at the ferry crossing in DarEsSalaam. That was the only problems we had the whole trip, the rest was sheer magic!

Will we do it again? YES sommer with Swambo's car so we can take family and friends along!

Our first day took us through the border at Ramatlabama where officials were helpfull and we cleared it in a record 30 minutes. The road was in good condition and uneventfull through Botswana.

We passed Francistown just as it was getting dark and arrived at Woodlands campsite, Tati river outside Francistown. A lovely site with green lawns on the banks of the river, a swimming pool, large showers with hot water and a friendly guard. A quick fire roasted a few chops and with some salads and tinned fruit made for a lovely meal.

We were woken the next morning by the resident flock of guinea fowl that popped around to say hallo. Mr brilliant then stood on the trailer's tailgate and broke it, but we tied it in place with rope and carried on our way to Livingstone.

We went to look at the Makgadigadi pans namely Sowa pan, but at the viewpoint only saw grass. So we took a 2 spoor track which led in the general direction of the pans themselves and ended up on the pans. we hardly got there when another bakkie rocked up with 2 security guards who friendly asked us to leave as we were on private property belonging to some mine operation! needless to say we got out of there fast!

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Report by Andre Erasmus