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Botswana December 08 - Andre Friis

Overlanding Trips

27 December (Day 6)

And the heavens opened up again we only managed to get to Savuti where we spend the night.

Elephants on our way to Savuti

Road to Savuti

28 December (Day 7)

We had to cover 112 km off-road through Chobe and 480km on road through the Caprivi to reach Shakawe fishing lodge in Botswana next to the Okavango Delta before 18:00 when the border closed at Shakawe. We made it with no problems and had a nice relaxing dinner and slept in a room for a change.

Pumping up out tyres to road pressures

Crossing the Lenyanti river into Namibia

29 December to 3 January

Relaxing and fishing on the Okavango, the fishing was not that good due to the river being very high and dirty of all the rain, but at least we caught some fish before January when a total ban on all fishing until the end of March was imposed so that the fish can spurn. (Fisheries with there nets catching the spurn stock is the reason for the ban) I personally think it is a good thing. We drove back to JHB on the 3rd of January on road 1380km the round trip was just less than 3500km.

Three spot bream

Small Tiger

Stopping for a braai

Sunset over the Okavango

That is our trip it was great fun and our vehicles took the roads beautifully but I will suggest the following mods before doing this trip Snorkel, Suspension and winch is a must. We had our share of maintenance on our vehicle as well but nothing big, oil changes and greasing and so on, the normal stuff to do after driving in water as we did.


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This trip report was compiled by:
Andre Friis from Krugersdorp
B-Con 4x4 did all the modifications on his vehicle.