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Botswana December 08 - Andre Friis

Overlanding Trips

December 22 (Day 1)

We left JHB at 5:15 to Ghanzi where we spent the night. The border post (Skilpadshek) was sufficiently quit and we went through with no problems or hold ups. We reached Ghanzi about 15:00 after driving the Trans Kalahari Highway where the road are so straight and flat you can see your dog run away for three weeks. The lodge was reasonably priced and had a nice bar and swimming pool area and the food was good. The main thing I liked about it was it was out of town and we even saw a hyena after dinner when we returned to our tent.


Trans Kalahari Highway

Lodge in Ghanzi (Can't remember the name kudu something they are on the right before you inter Ghanzi)

December 23 (Day 2)

We got up early so we could go to the veterinary services in Ghanzi to get a permit to transport red meat due to the foot and mouth disease that is currently in Botswana. They then told us that we could get one at the veterinary gate just outside Ghanzi. We got to the gate and got the permit without any problems, the government officials were very helpful, and in about 10 minutes, we were on the road again.

We reached Maun where we filled up and got some final supplies at Reilly's Garage and were on our way to Moremi's South Gate. We reached South Gate at about 14:00 where we set up camp and spend the first night having a braai and some cold ones next to the campfire keeping an eye on the 4 Hyenas around our camp looking for a easy meal. We cleaned up every thing after we ate, putting it away in the bakkies, so they had to go and find food elsewhere.

South Gate Camp just before we cleaned up.

December 24 (Day 3)

We broke up camp went to the gate to pay and were on our why to Third Bridge when the heavens opened up just after 13:00 and rained cats and dogs the rest of the day. The +- 65km to Third Bridge took us 4 hours in the wet and I got stuck twice but recovered myself quickly by hooking my winch to Swart Bard's Hilux. It was difficult driving in front with all the water I hit all the bad spots so the rest can take the better lines, but hey, it was great fun.

At Third Bridge we set up camp had dinner and listened to the Loins, Hippos and Hyenas sound, putting us to sleep.

This is the second time I got stuck after the bakkie slid into a hole of the main track, after all we drive Toyota we like playing.

Rain, rain and more rain

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This trip report was compiled by:
Andre Friis from Krugersdorp
B-Con 4x4 did all the modifications on his vehicle.