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CKGR 2010 – 24th April – 2nd May.
1 x Toyota KZ-TE, 1 x Toyota Fortuner,
Conqueror Compact 2 and 2541Km

Hilux KZ-TE

Our Plan was to travel up through Zeerust into Khutse, spend 2 nights there before making our way up north to Deception Valley and then exit through Matswere Gate and travel back to SA on the A14 stopping at Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

Our Route

South Gate

Our first night was spent in the car at Khutse South Gate (S23.36605 E24.62017) as we arrived late due to a delayed departure. The Last 100km is bad dirt road (with all the rain) and the 100km before that is narrow tar with lots of traffic. If you plan to do this route in one day, leave very early so that you are not caught out at dusk.

With all the rain, the sandy roads I was warned about and expecting were nicely compact and relatively easy to pass with no major trouble, although I can only imagine when dry how soft it must be as there were still sections we required low range. With the wet roads we made the long haul from Khutse (north – S23.22776 E24.35148) to Xade (S22.33902 E23.00859) in one day. It was a long day and if the sun had been out id out pushing this in one day would be fun or worth it. We did however see wild dogs which was nice (S22.63866 E24.15476).

Wild Dogs

The Rain stopped on the third day and we progressed up through Pipers pan, heading to Passarge Valley. From Pipers pan the park starts to change and game was plentiful. About 6km before our camp site an impassable (yes I was winched out before deciding this) water crossing forced us to sleep out on the road for the night (S21.40388 E23.25027). The next morning we looked at the T4A map and planned to circle down and round to Deception, where we stayed our last 3 nights. From here we did lots of dives out to the various pans and saw lots. What a fantastic place. The guys who left their rubbish hanging in the tree when you left, you are morons!

The trip via Khama Rhino Sanctuary was good besides the fact it marks the end of the holiday, anyhow, here are some more photos below coz a picture speaks a thousand words.

Trip consumption for KZTE on the way up was 9.7 km/l and dropped to about 8ish in the park. The fortuner handled the trailer very well and averaged about 7ish for the whole trip (not calculated at time of going to press).

And lastly thanks to all the guys who gave advice and tips whilst I was planning the trip.


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