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Roggeveld and Karoo Trip

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De Aar to Beaufort West

On Monday morning we set off the our little Karoo tour. From De Aar we took the De Aar/Richmond gravel road. At the T junction with the Marriman road we found this antique road sign which are still marked in Miles.

On this road we saw a lot of antelope. Springbok, white springbok, zebras, dassies, a humongous black mamba. The white Springbok was a little bit too far for me to photograph so I had to crop the photograph afterwards.

Before you reach the N1 again there is another Gravel road to your right which leads to Victoria West. There are no name boards on these roads, they only have a numbering system. If you come from the N1 towards De Aar it will be the first gravel road to your left.

We followed this road until we reached Victoria West. The road was in a very good condition. On the Victoria West side there is no way that you will find this gravel road unless you know it. There is no road sign indicating it from the Victoria West / Britstown road. If you come from Britstown you will turn left just after the river and the sanctuary. Drive through the neighborhood until you find a gravel road.

It was a public holiday and Victoria West was quiet. Some children played rugby in the street was about the only people you heard. We stopped at a little antique shop to look around an saw that there are still some great bargains to be bought on these little town.

We took the tar road to Loxton. About 5 km out of Victoria West we turned left onto a gravel road towards Beaufort west. This is a lovely road. The landscapes are beautiful. The first part of the road was very good. We reach a T junction and turned right towards Beaufort West, this part of the road was not so good, but you can still travel at about 90km/h safely.