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  Langebaan to Tankwa and back - Pieter Pretorius - August 2007
Overlanding Trips

We decided to take the route via Ceres. From Ceres you can take the boring route. Just go through Ceres and turn left on the R355 towards Calvinia until you get the Tankwa sign to the right.

We opted for the scenic route. Remember to fill up the fuel tanks in Ceres.

In Ceres you will get a sign indicating that you must turn north towards "Prins Alfred Hamlet". This little town is only about 12 Km outside Ceres. After Prins Alfred Hamlet you will get the Gydo Pass. on the pass you will have stunning views over the Ceres valley. We did this trip in winter and little dams of water can be seen everywhere.

After reaching the top of the pass the landscape change a lot. You will now also see a lot of fruit tree plantations and if you are lucky also snow on the mountains.

The next little town is "Op Die Berg". There are a couple of shops and houses. A small little town, but a beautiful little town. Just after Op Die Berg you will turn right at the "Kagga Kamma" sign. This road is tarred for the first part and later on become a good gravel road. After about 18Km you will get another "Kagga Kamma" road sign, turn right here again.

There are so much to see on this little road that it took us more than an hour to reach the R 355.

You will go past "Klein Cederberg" and over the "Katbakkies" mountain pass. They tarred the little mountain pass. But it is a narrow little road without fancy barriers and line. The views are stunning and you can not really capture it on a photograph.

We stopped on top of the mountain after the Katbakkies pass to drink some tea and breathe fresh air. Although the landscape looks mostly green, we were amazed to see how many flowers there are between the bushes. It seemed like a little natural flower garden. There were interesting Vygie species at that spot.

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